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Designed with a Northern attitude, our outdoor gear ensures comfort and functionality for all outdoor enthusiasts. Explore our extensive selection that enhances the joy of hiking. Finnish design meets the demands of Nordic conditions.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities Regardless of the Weather: Northern Lite - Innovative Outdoor Gear

Outdoor activities are a wonderful hobby that allows us to experience the beauty of nature and breathe in fresh air, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. However, rainy weather can make outdoor activities challenging and uncomfortable, especially when it comes to traditional lower-body protection like rain pants. At Northern Lite, we are committed to providing innovative and practical outdoor gear that makes outdoor movement enjoyable in all weather conditions.

Lightweight, comfortable, and practical outdoor gear

The Northern Lite brand is well-known for its lightweight, comfortable, and practical outdoor gear. At the forefront of our lineup is the world's best rain skirt, the Northern Lite Ecolite Rain Skirt. This unique rain skirt is designed to offer protection from rain and wind without adding unnecessary weight, discomfort, or restricting movement.